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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Two Corporate survival lessons

Quite likely many of us at some time have been affected by the corporate strategy of downsizing, outsourcing or shutdown. While these strategies by corporations are viewed with disfavor, contempt and hopelessness by workers they are carried out by corporations in order to survive and remain viable competitors in the marketplace. Corporations, by their very legal structure, can leverage tax law to their advantage. They will resort to those means necessary to ensure their survival including limited alliances with competitors, also.

The American worker, on the other hand, employs a much different strategy. When hit with hard times he resorts to a part-time job to supplement his income. He may even resort to a second job. However, unless he fails to report that additional income from his lawnmowing, housecleaning, he finds himself in the same predictment that comes with a higher tax bracket. Two realities undermine his efforts: He is still working a job. He is still going at it alone.

Working Mannequin has seized the two corporate survival strategies for individuals who have seen the job doesn't cut it and who have seen you can't go it alone. As Independent Contractors individuals are recognized as business entities by the federal government and as such can

leverage tax law. Simply put, they can legally take the law in their favor in tax deductions and other business matters.

As Independent Contractors they work for themselves, not alone, but together with like-minded individuals they create an alliance of networks.

It is NOT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAKE, but HOW MUCH YOU KEEP. Creating an alliance of networks enables you to increase HOW MUCH you make. Leveraging tax law to your advantage enables you to increase HOW MUCH you keep, legally.

Working Mannequin believes we must rise above mere legal compliance and strive for the "ethical and moral" high ground in our transactions with corporations, government, entreprenuers, community, church, family and God. Uphold and sustain all these because they are the fabric of our country, our culture and our society. Truthfulness towards one for all and all for one.

What do you think?

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