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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Feasiblity test

There are occupations which do not lend themselves well to independent application. The assembly and related testing process of products such as electronic appliances or large items, high dollar items such as automobiles would be among such occupations.

There are, on the other hand, quite a few occupations which instill and equip employees with ongoing, valueable training and experience. Even so, the federal government has historically categorized these as "non to low-skilled" positions of employment. Aside of its demeaning, unflattering ring, it is not true.

Working Mannequin believes a more accurate, fitting description is that these employees have the resources of Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) which over time have made them a valueable asset to their employer.

However, there are positions of employment in manufacturing where employees acquire and accumulate a considerable wealth of resources. Whatever the industry, for example, apparel making, there is a simple feasibility test to determine whether one's KSE can be applied as an independent outside and apart from the mass production enviornment.

  • Is the device or mechanism on which I acquired my KSE affordable? Affordability should not mean soaking oneself in debt in order to purchase the device on their own.
  • Is the device or mechanism small such that I could set it up in my home or garage if I chose to do so? There are industrial grade and home models for devices such as sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, floor buffers and more.
  • Does the device permit me to express my creativity? That is, as an independent you are not punching the clock for anyone. You determine when and how you willl perform your service to your client's satisfaction while at the same time satisfying your desired time for yourself and family.

There are, aside of manufacturing, various trade professions such as plumbing, appliance repair and maintance where employees acquire valueable KSE. Even though some fields, such as plumbing, typically require state certifications the same feasibility test can be applied by anyone desirous of implementing their KSE as an independent in support of certified plumbers.

Test yourself.

Post your thoughts for others to read.

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