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Monday, February 08, 2010

Prom Dress Network Invitation

It will be here sooner than you think again! The biggest annual extravanganza among teenage girls. I am talking about Prom.

Once again, I wonder how many of the enormous talent pool of dressmaker consultants are ready to take advantage of the opportunity. I wonder how many will miss out again.

This is my invitation to all interested independent consultants and independent prom dress retailers to do something about it.

Before you reject this invitation because of the cost let me clear that up right now.

It costs you nothing.

Why is this free? Because I am more interested that people see the profit potential of the network for themselves rather than showing them charts and graphs.

I am the one extending the invitation. I am the one who will organize and communicate with the network. Your participation in the network costs you nothing. You participation is strictly on your terms and, ideally, as a professional. All fees are strictly between you and your clients. If you attract clients and turn a profit. Great! It's yours to keep.

I am the one who will incur costs. So for that reason I must limit the scope of the network to the Round Rock/Austin Texas area high schools. Anyone outside that area interested in checking out the network would certainly be welcome but my focus will be limited as I have stated.

What you need to do before February 28 is simply either:

1 Post a comment on this article expressing your interest, or
2 Email me directly to Subject: Prom Dress Network

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