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Saturday, February 09, 2008

VARs in these economic times

What to do to navigate successfully in this uncertain economy?

Americans and business are walking lightly and cautiously with every bit of news from Wall Street. Our respective course of action, or inaction, will be a matter of laying out a plan to follow or, in lieu of that, exercise every ounce of on-the-fly resourcefulness to get through it all if the economy goes into a serious recession. The situation for business is needing to do more with less.

Specifically, VARs (Value-Added Resellers) need to increase their sales revenue, but at the same time having to consider and quite likely laying off personnel to trim their expenses. What VARs need to do for their customers, namely, increase, or start offering, services that will show a quick return on investment is the same best advice for themselves.

How can VARs to that? They can do so by thinking outside the box: By delivering service through a network of independent contractor technologists (ICT); technicians and professionals. Yes, the lion’s share of the earnings goes to the ICT, but a growing network of ICTs enables the VAR to expand its client base.

I believe what holds true of the apparel industry is equally so in the technology sector. Namely, that there is a huge pool of people in technology with the KSE, that is, the Knowledge, Skills and Experience, to take on much of what most any VAR’s line of business, and, they can do so, not as employees on the payroll, but as independent contractors. More than few of them work day to day with the gnawing feeling it's a matter of time before their job is outsourced overseas.

Networks are to VARs what VARs are to vendors. They are partnerships effected to enhance or assure everyone’s respective survival to a day when they can thrive again in better times. For all the technical knowledge of computer networks and server networks the IT sector remains disconnected avatars in a virtual cyber universe, never connecting, or networking, in the actual universe for their own survival.
The purpose of a network is more than just to hang out with buddies. It is to make money, not alone as on a deserted island, but together with others. Are you ready to make real money regardless of the economy?

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