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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Take Time to make Money. . .

If you had the time to make money how much time would you dedicate?

If you had the money (after personal spending) how would you invest your money to multiply it?

Some of you may be near, or are, already maxed out in the time you dedicate to making your money. . .and struggle to with your net profit, still.

Some of you can say, "the money's very good". . . at what cost of your time?

It's the way to do it, right?

The bold, new concept of direct model Apparel Networks says, NO!

I'll tell you of two with (relatively) little time and money. Yet, as big as they are they
acknowledge the are open to discussing an alliance (network) to enable them to stand against
the competition.

The two? Ford and General Motors.

Ford was number 2 in the world until 5 months ago.
GM was number 1 until 2 weeks ago.
Toyota is now number one, now.

Ford and GM may or may not create an alliance, but they are open to investigate (time) an
idea to increase sales (money). That's more than the countless, and growing, number of
regional retailers such as Caldor, Hills, Ames who were driven to bankruptcy or out of business
by operating costs and the competition.

Independent Apparel Retailers are not exempt from costs and competition.

  • Take time.
  • Learn how Apparel Networks can increase your profits.
  • Do it in an easier, efficient and effective manner.


Blessings to you.

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