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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Customer Satisfaction

The National Retail Federation reports online apparel sales outsold computers in 2006 for the first time since NRF has been tracking that data.The drawback: High number of returned merchandise. This likely would include wrong size, color, fit or other.Why do online and walk-in apparel sales continue to increase regardless of price and inspite of consumer cynicism for rack apparel: "One size fits none."Despite the bland, cookie-cutter rack import offerings I believe this sales "success story" is feeding on customer dissatisfaction and disillusionment.How, you ask?If your apparel purchase made you feel and look good wouldn't you be incline to wear it longer? (Let the "fashion conscious" keep quiet. We're talking reality here.) I believe these frequent, repeat buyers are filling retailer coffers as a result of their last dissatisfaction and disillusionment purchase. They come back, not necessarily to the same retailer, hoping to find: "My fabric. My size. My fit. My style. My price". Their search will continue.What they seek is not extreme, not fantastic. It is what an apparel network direct model of independent contractors and independent retailers can deliver.It's called Customer Satisfaction.

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