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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Top Ten reasons why you should attend

. . .the IE-Network business presentation @ Caffe Panini

10 You needed one more social outing to fill your monthly calendar.

9 You want to impress your husband/wife/date how well you streamline together business and leisure.

8 You have the perfect excuse to drop in at Caffe Panini.

7 You were looking for some inspiration in a business direction.

6 You are tired of working a job.

5 You are tired of not being able to help others in your family and community.

4 You know too many people with so much talent whom you would like to give hope.

3 Now that you are at this point in your life you feel it's what needs to be done.

2 You never heard of such a concept as the IE-Network model.

1 You are determined to prove to your friend you were right about the IE-Network business.

The following is a great illustration of the IE-Network model. gt

A few weeks ago a friend of mine modeled the IE-Network model, unwittingly.

After a period of some time his son had purchased every component necessary to build his new beast machine. It was time to call in an expert. It was time to call his dad.

My friend then traveled a few hundred miles to visit with his son and his family over the weekend. Some time during the weekend they gathered the components in the living room, kitchen or garage and built a fine machine.

Cost? Whatever the son paid for the components. Dad was quite pleased, I expect, to see his grand kids.

Lets tweak that scenario a bit.

Someone; a friend, neighbor or relative, would like to own a computer. However, even the low price of $400 we are begining to see is a bit more than they can put out-of-pocket, comfortably. You, as an IE-Networker, advise him/her where they can purchase a motherboard. The following month a power supply and hard drive. Next month, the case and memory until they have purchase all the necessary components. Next, he/she calls you or drops by to set a time when you can build the system for the agreed upon fee; for profit.

Whatever the total cost of components (even were they to be a bit over the least expensive system in retail) and your fee he/she is able to fit it into their regular living expenses. You build the system. Service may be handled either by the parts retailer or yourself, again, for a fee and time managable by your neighbor, friend or relative.

The IE-Network at-home model works the same whether you produce apparel for a local dress boutiques or build computers for a reseller, or your own clients.

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