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Saturday, May 24, 2008

IE-Networks and Americans, immigration and economy

A profitable at-home network, not government or employment in the private sector, affects the immigration and economic status of Hispanics in America. The target of this network represents a response within the larger context of displaced apparel manufacturing American workers of which, it is safe to say, the greater percentage are Hispanic. Simultaneously, this response, by extension, provides a real, living, human, national response towards people, not just issues of immigration and economy.

A woman, in her 40s, single, with children, monolingual spanish-speaking Hispanic, displaced apparel manufacturing worker with a primary education is the at-home target. However, there are thousands of displaced workers like her who possess a wealth of resources capable of producing a positive impact on their immigration and/or economic status. These are resources acquired over the years of employment; the Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) best utilized through IC-Networks (Independent Contractor Networks) to produce affordable, at-home, custom and regular apparel for their own private clients or local independent apparel retailers.

As at-home independent contractors (not employees) their legal or illegal immigration status represents neither a legal risk for retailers nor a threat for job-seeking Americans.

Conversely, their contribution makes for a significant impact towards strengthening the US economy.

The following is derived from a conversation with a business friend. It illustrates how the network, as a pragmatic alternative, can affect the lives of these individuals, their families and independent apparel businesses, significantly.

An independent retailer purchases from a merchandiser an elegant dress for sixty dollars. After the resale the retailer pockets a twenty dollar profit. However, a retailer who takes from 30 to 50 of that 60 dollar investment and partners with an at-home, local IC-Network has made an business inventory savings and increased the entrepreneur's bank account. Furthermore, IC-Network (or Independent Enterprise-Networks) membership is open to contractor and retailer enterprises, alike. Networks represent the potential for three forms of revenue generation: Personal productivity and sale plus residual income and bonuses paid by the network parent company.

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