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Saturday, August 04, 2007

IC-Networks: Your private enterprise

Dell's recent wise decision to revisit the retail experience in partnership with Walmart may revive an old flame for the company.

Dell has yet to announce a return to its white-box sales experience. Where might Dell find a suitable partner for such a return?

The answer is much more widespread and abundant than all Walmart stores and employees combined. The suitable partner for Dell's return

to the white-box sales experience is through the smaller, unentangling partnership of Independent Contractor Networks.

A colossus like Walmart is impressive, but a nationwide IC-Network of technicians, engineers and computer savy individuals is

far more diverse and widespread.

While it may be true many people who dream of their own business never do it the low investment costs of a white-box

enterprise that puts computers in the hands of the US low income population segment is a huge gain for Dell, America and private enterprise.

This is at-home/small white-box business support and a revenue maker for Dell.

Dell, more than any other computer manufacturer is best equipped, qualified and stands to gain more (and quicker) than its

competitors; not in the conventional retail sales model, but through IC-Networks.

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