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Sunday, July 22, 2007

All Dressed up, but can't compute?

I often ask myself if readers might feel all dressed through what they read in my blogs, but can't compute what this is about. I accept that burden as my responsibility to communicate repeatedly and with constant improvement this message. So, here goes.

WorkingMannequin is my original blog. IMWORKquinES is my secondary blog. WorkingMannequin and IMWORKquinES blogs are the voice (you may call them
alter-egos) of Torres Strategic Resources, Inc. The mission of TSR is to build and develop IC-Networks.

If major corporations through their chainstores and franchises can conduct business locally, regionally, state and nationwide and earn money, why don't you?

The reason you do not is because:

1 You're working a job, and

2 You're going at it alone

You've got:

1 A job that may makes you a lot of money, but it's not how much you make, but how much you keep. How are you leveraging tax law to your advantage?

2 However much money you make it's what YOU make. . .alone. How are you replicating yourself to increase your income?

Thus far, our focus has been on apparel and white-box computers more recently. Our belief is people in these and many other fields have acquired and accumulated the Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) to enable them to create an enterprise of their own.

Some of these fields include: Computer Networking, Satellite dish installation, cable installation, AC installation/repair

Others: Healthy Home meals, housekeeping, landscaping, home improvement

Others: Home Auto oil change/minor tuneups

Yes, some of these fields may require state certification compliance, but would you let that prevent you from doing what you know to do for yourself?

Networks are nothing new. The TSR Independent Contractor Networks model is true to the definition of the independent. ICs are nobody's employee TSR included. They do not receive salaries or quotas from TSR. They are in compliance with the federal government and IRS guidelines and regulations as to what constitutes independent contractors.

I see a lot of small computer shops and apparel manufacturers with 4 to 10 employees. I commend them. However, they exist because of the KSE of those employees who've probably never taken stock of their KSE or thought about how they could build their own enterprise.

TSR provides the IC-Network model that can enable them, and you, to build that enterprise whether in apparel, computers or housekeeping.

It's not just about getting all dressed up. Start computing your assessment of your own KSE.

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