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Friday, June 22, 2007

More than pittance for the poor

I thank God for this blog. I thank God for those of you curious, if not for yourselves, for others about, "What's this guy saying?" and "Could I possibly be an independent contractor?" It is yet another tool I resort to in a constant, ongoing effort to inform people on:
  • Independent Contracting
  • Independent Apparel Retailing
  • Assessing one's Knowledge, Skills and Experience in their respective industries
  • The creation and development of networks for peer association and revenue generation
  • Texas' vast need and opportunity for displaced apparel workers a good number of whom are low income

No, not everyone, nor the majority necessarily, involved in apparel are in financial and economic duress. However, the reality is that a significant portion of those involved in the apparel-industry-turned-displaced-worker are defined by government statistics as being certainly among the lowest of income earners.

Those government reports get full press coverage as if by so doing there is a great aid being given to the poor. Similiarly, when a politician presents to the public his/hers newest, latest and best program for the poor press coverage abounds.

Reports such as these are after the fact, and, they are just the facts. Programs such as these are presented to the public before any proof of success.

The press and all media should rightfully inform the public of (local, state or federal) reports and programs. Whether they be government, _ especially, private enterprise, when these are about the direct involvement of individuals engaging in a productive endeavor which results in their financial and economic independence. It is truly an empowerment; more than a mere pittance for the poor.

Independence Day draws near!

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