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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Making a cool dress hot

I like dresses।

Whoa, there! Rein it in, ladies and gentlemen। That is, I like the sight of a dress. . . with a woman in it.

The overall comment I hear out there is that women like them, too. Typically, those comments revolve in differing order around style, color, size, fabric, fit and price. The presence of all these in a dress, so as to ensure customer satisfaction, is nigh to implossible. Retailers buy from suppliers who buy from manufacturers. It's about quantity and expediency with price being the modifier. On one hand, large quantity purchases versus small quantity purchases on the other, but price is the determining factor and how well its affect is managed around the sale margin of profit. Quality issues are turned over to the expertise of alterations boutique owners.

So, how does an independent apparel retailer take a cool dress and make it hot?

A customer shops your boutique for a dress while her friend tags along। It's a great day! Your customer finds the only (or last?) "cool" dress on the rack that's "just right", she says, for her. Her friend lavishes her with joyful compliments.
Now, she decides she would really love a dress just like that, but she has just seen the only (the last?) one taken by her friend.
"If I could only change the color from green to red that would be great" she cries aloud.
"I can do that" you tell her.
You note her measurements, color, fabric and quote her a price।

No need to bore your customer with what she does not know। Namely, you have the capability for such delivery because of your local, direct model network of dressmakers। There's no inventory to stockpile. There's no supplier stockpiling large amounts of your cash in his bank account, also.

"You may pick up your hot dress in three days" you say to your excited customer.
You either post the order on the web for your local network to access or a network contractor picks up the order at your boutique later that day।

Happy Holidays!

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