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Monday, September 17, 2007

A real poetic piece of work

Cotton is to textile what textile is to fabric what fabric is to apparel.

Letters are to words what words are to poetry what poetry is to God.

Little things make big things. Big things make little things.

What you do is not important, but it is important that you do it.

It is written, "You are the workmanship of God created for good works". That big word, "workmanship" is a translation of a small greek word which is variously translated in english as "poem", "poet", "poetry", "poetic". ("works" is "energy")

It's fair to say poetry, whether or not we are versed in it or is not for us, is a putting together of many letters to create a few words which can say so much. No less, the spinner who spins cotton to make yarn to create a piece of cloth.

Certainly, no less did God spin in his hands to create a piece of work, a "poem" when he created man. No wonder, then, that we discover such great joy with the work, the creation, the poem, the tapestry woven by our hands. It's not that it's big or small that makes it important. What is important is that you do it, because thereby you reflect the image and glory of our maker.

Truly, we are a real poetic piece of work.

Be of good cheer.

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